Food Waste Digesters

The BioHitech Eco-Safe Digester is an on-site technology utilizing mechanical and biological treatments to convert food waste into a liquid that is safely discharged to standard sewers. During the process, the digester weighs each increment of waste, allows users to quantify its type and origin simultaneously transmitting, in real-time, data to the BioHitech Cloud.

Close to 100% of the food waste is broken down to water than can be safely discharged to the sewers.

Automated recording and analysis of food waste provides users with data that can be utilized to optimize their management process. This data is readily accessible via any internet portal. A demo version can be accessed at

How System Works

There are no choppers or grinders involved. Similarly neither chemicals nor any airborne contaminants will be required or present in the process. Everything is broken down via an Aerobic digestion process.

The process of breaking down the food involves three main parts:

  • Mechanical “arm”
  • Plastic Bio-Media
  • Micro-Organisms

The Bio-Media acts as a “house” for the Micro-Organisms and are first poured into the barrel of the digester. Thereafter the Micro-Organisms are added. The Bio-Media and Micro-Organisms will always be in the digester. The main purpose of the mechanical arm, which is also the only movable part in the whole digester, is to rotate the Bio-Media and in process agitate the Micro-Organisms that will break down the food waste.

Case Studies and Brochures


FoodWasteDigester Case Study


Cloud Capabilities – Detailed Introduction Brochure


Cloud Capabilities – General Introduction Brochure


FoodWasteDigester – General Introduction Brochure

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