Voltage Optimisers

Voltage Optimization is the process of controlling the quality of electricity entering your site. This established technology is enjoying widespread usage in UK and Europe. It aims to lower the incoming voltage to a suitable pre-set level, and via the basic premises of Ohm’’s Law, reduce power consumption of the site.

The iVolt is a state of the art Voltage Optimizer that is the only one in the market that offers real time monitoring of energy consumption. This allows users to do real time comparison of their power consumption “with” and “without” voltage optimization thereby allowing them to visualize their actual cost savings.


Voltage output is highly accurate at within +/- 1.5% of the preset value. The iVolt also has an automatic bypass failsafe mechanism should an error occur in the equipment – it is also able to “self-recover” and go back into operation in most circumstances. Equipment efficient is 99.4% at full load and there is an equipment lifespan of at least 20 years.

The iVolt can be applied on sites with loads of 32A up to 3000A.

How System Works

Voltage for each phase is optimized independently via a set of two transformers controlled by an intelligent board coupled with a set of thyristors. These boards, though independent, are constantly communicating with each other to guarantee a high level of performance. The internal automatic bypass will kick in without an interruption to the user’s power supply.




iVolt Case Study


iVolt Brochure

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