Water Quality Monitoring Systems

We have 24 hour automated systems that can monitor the various parameters that customers require. These systems integrate a sensor probe, a data display unit and a CCTV system to capture the readings and customers are able to view the actual water quality images real-time.

The system has remote monitoring capabilities via the internet. Users of this system can not only monitor water parameters off-site online, users can also be informed of the occurrence of pre-set critical values via SMS to their mobile phones.

For sites where electricity supply is a concern, solar panels can be installed to produce electricity to power these systems.


Our system provides highly precise water quality monitoring that comes with real-time data analysis and display. This data is automatically uploaded via a wireless network to provide customers with seamless and continuous remote monitoring of their site.

How System Works

A sensor probe is connected to our proprietary software and data collected is pushed to our server via GPRS connection

water quality

Please see our brochure for more information.


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