Total Suspended Solids Treatment

We distribute silty water treatment systems that use chemical flocculation and gravitational sedimentation aided by specially designed layout to achieve the removal of total suspended solids without the use of any mechanized mixer.

The chemical treatment systems are priced economically and are able to efficiently remove total suspended solids from silty wastewater.

How System Works

System achieves total suspended solids removal via in general, chemical flocculation and gravitational sedimentation.


Features and benefits of our chemical treatment systems are:

  1. These chemical treatment systems are primarily made of fibre glass which is corrosion free. This reduces the frequency and hence decreases the costs of replacement.
  2. The fibre glass body of the chemical treatment systems decreases the overall weight of the system and thereby facilitates the ease of transportation and relocation.


The chemical treatment systems come in different sizes to cater to required treatment capacities, ranging from 5m3/hour – 100m3/hour.Please see our brochures for more information.


Total Suspended Solids Treatment – M30-M80


Total Suspended Solids Treatment – M5-M20I

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