The casino is popular roulette, baccarat, poker, Texas hold’em and blackjack. It is also varieties of games in which players bet money and with some probability multiply them. There are games based on pure luck, such as roulette. Where the ball fell, the sector and won. There are games in which you can apply a strategy. For example, if you play blackjack online with proper strategy the player can change the mathematical edge in their favor.

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At the tables players serve dealers. It is not some glamorous mystical profession, and there is no need for spy techniques and incredible skill. The primary task of the dealer to take the bets, explain the rules and monitor their compliance. The dealer is not a friend, not a bartender, no wait staff, and he leads the game.
Next to the dealer may be the inspector. It also monitors the correct games and bets and puts the result in a particular program. A casino is very important to collect information because of fans of Nadur — weight. The more casino information about the game, the better it is protected.
To count cards and outsmart the casino, as they do in Hollywood movies, is almost impossible. In one game using multiple decks. They shuffled, a particular shuffling machine that is responsible for the random sequence of cards in the deck. For example, in baccarat eight decks. They are used only once per game, then disposed of in a special room. Life in the casino is much more prosaic than the movie.